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Xtra TextCruncher

Added on 6/24/1999


D6_5 D7 D8 Mac PC Shockwave

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Author: YairSageev (website)

TextCruncher is a Lingo Xtra that provides a complete set of blazingly fast Lingo commands for handling text, including searching, replacing, and sorting text, as well as routines for hard-formatting, case-conversion, and more. TextCruncher is a must for databases, database front ends, game engines, content-filters, text parsers -- any time rapid text handling is needed

Price: $129
Mediamacros makes no guarantees that this price is correct

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TextCruncher does lightning-fast search and replace of text. You can use it in a Director projector or in a Shockwave movie to:

Perform a real-time fulltext search
Create indices for an indexed search of very large amounts of text
Search HTML pages retrieved with getNetText
Search and modify field or text members
Change the formatting of rich text members by replacing tags in "the RTF of member" property
Change HTML tagging or links of rich text member by replacing HTML tags in "the HTML of member" property
Search and change code in script members by modifying "the scriptText of member" property
How fast is TextCruncher? Here are some results for a single-word search which returns all occurrences of the word in the text.

PowerBook G3/500 256MB RAM      |  Mac PPC8100/110 32MB RAM
file size     time in secs.     |  time in secs.
1 MB           0.0667              0.3500
2 MB           0.1500              0.7000
4 MB           0.3000              1.4000
8 MB           0.5667              3.5500
Pentium 100 64MB RAM
file size     time in secs.
1 MB           0.2500          
2 MB           0.5000        
4 MB           1.0000            
8 MB           2.1167            



36 South Court Sq
Suite 300
Newnan, GA 30263

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